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DVI-D to DVI-D Digital Display Cable DVI to DVI

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  • USE – Connect a DVI-D port to any DVI-D equipped computer, monitor, projector, or a TV, for resolutions up to 2560 X 1600 pixels *Note- DVI-I and DVI-D are not interchangeable connections.
  • MOLDED GOLD-PLATED CONNECTORS –Corrosion resistant connectors provide optimal video signal transfer and a durable, long life. Molded jacket will provide excellent strain relief against conductor damage
  • TRIPLE SHIELDED UNDERMOLD WITH DUAL FOIL AND BRAID SHIELD – Prevents and protects the cable from unwanted noise interference and individually insulated conductors help to minimize crosstalk, and ensure high speed, error-free transmission
  • SLOTTED, TEXTURED THUMBSCREWS – Allows you to use a flathead screwdriver in tight spaces to install or remove this cable and prevents the cable from accidently disconnecting from the port