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Kaspersky Internet Security – 1 User Pack

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When you go online shopping or banking – we protect your money & account details… when you socialize – we safeguard your identity… when you surf – we prevent attacks… when you download or stream – we block infected files.

Whatever you do in your digital life – our premium protection is here to help you protect it all.

– Protects against attacks, ransomware & more

– Protects your privacy & personal information

– Protects money when you bank & shop online

– Security: Defends against viruses, ransomware & more

– Performance: Protects – without slowing you down

– Simplicity: Simplifies security – to save you time and hassle

– PC, Mac & mobile: Secures your devices – in any combination

– Privacy: Helps you keep your private life… private

– Money: Protects when you’re online banking & shopping – on PC & Mac

– Safe Kids: Parental controls & extra features – to protect kids on PC, Mac & mobile

– Passwords: Manages & stores passwords – and syncs for access from PC, Mac & mobile

– File protection: Helps secure your precious photos, music & files – on PC

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